Episode 3: Burnout Can Be Dangerous (solo)

Let's clearly define burnout so we can better understand how to create solutions. It's not just about too much workload or too many hours. It's much deeper then that. It can be even more dangerous. It's about physical, mental, emotional and psychological burnout.

Now that I’ve dissociated myself from the ‘crazy’ I realize how much of my drive came from thinking I needed to prove myself.  That can be fine, but it’s important to balance the need to prove ourselves with achieving goals.  Going back I realize that when things were ‘crazy busy’ it was because my expectations were to overachieve not just achieve goals.  To build and create the Best versus just get something launched, stood up or kicked-off.  Then when I was disappointed by how little all of that work and results really meant it led me to burnout.  There is a point when the physical and emotional exhaustion lead to deeper psychological burnout.  That’s when it can get dangerous.  I went through cycles and always was able to find my way out (vacation, completion of a project or special assignment, etc.).  The thing is that I don’t even think my first case of burnout was until maybe mid-thirties.  What is the impact on early in career folks and even those of us who have had the chance to build up resilience over decades?
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