Episode 47 - Don't Become the Machine that You Use feat. Tyson Savoretti

NEW Episode #47 on Shifting Inside Out podcast with Tyson Savoretti. Information Security professional, creative and forever learner.

 Join us to hear the conversation and learn about his:
·       Simple energy renewal activity!
·       First career – actor, writer, producer, theater in NYC + bar tender at night.
·       Humor and how improv experience fits in his opportunities today.
·       Journey to get past being an ‘older’ student when he decided to go to college.
·       Interest in Cyber Security led him into many paths that have built on each other.
·       Continued journey to law school creating specialty in the security space.
·       Inspiration to help a young woman shift from restaurant management to coding.
·       Story and how he threaded his first career and juggling to open conversations in Tech.
·       Tip: what you don’t have in common with others is your past. Build your story!
·       Guidance on stacking your skills. You don’t need to learn everything.
·       Statement that ‘a computer can not yet do everything I can’.
·       Mindset that helped him commit to his decisions and follow his journey.
·       Alternative to seeking happiness and setting small goals.
·       Future TedTalk topic he came up with on this episode!

Tyson offers such vulnerable insight into his journey and what he has learned along the way. His suggestions and viewpoints on how others can make the shift is spot on. 

The conversation is important, as we are trying to determine ‘what we want to do next’ or ‘what we need to do to prepare ourselves for our next phase’. I love how Tyson walks through how he has ‘stacked his skills’ and that is the key to preparing for jobs that don’t exist yet, opportunities that are brewing out there and how we can stand out from others.

Recommendations from Tyson:
Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within by Tom Kelley and David Kelley (read by all our Exlab students and discussion facilitated by Pat Gehant)
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